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Madrid public transportation is clean, fast, safe, extensive and efficient. It includes 13 metro lines, more than 170 bus lines (EMT) and 10 lines of Cercanias (local trains that link the city centre with the suburbs). In addition, it is very cheap!

Transportation Consortium of Madrid:

Subway and Trains

City Buses

EMT buses connect downtown with the neighborhoods. The buses are blue, with the exception of those that run on diesel (less then10%) that are red. The new ones use hydrogen. One important feature, specially in Summer: they are all air conditioned. They run every day from 6:00 am to 0:00 am, every 5 to 15 minutes.


Madrid is very close to Portugal, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Italy, Netherlands, and Germany.


Taxis in Madrid are white with a diagonal red band on their front door bearing the emblem of the city. They have a green light that is on when they are free. To hail a taxi all you need to do is to raise your hand.

Tele Taxi: 

Radio Taxi:


Shuttle Direct:

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