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Once your program has been contracted, you will be assigned a AIM Program Manager. Program Managers will help both faculty and students plan for their program abroad.

Recruitment Assistance


AIM will monitor your recruitment efforts and provide assistance subject to your needs. This may include designing a recruitment plan, establishing a timeline, building a customized website, assisting with program brochures, publicity materials and methods, use of school web site and newspaper, and other strategies. 



Pre-Departure Advising


AIM works in partnership with your institution to ensure an efficient and friendly experience for all involved. AIM's based staff work closely with you to ensure that each detail of the program is taken care of. They will provide answers to your questions; will prompt you to forward information as needed; and will send you the final housing, flights, and other program details as applicable.


Student Pre-Departure Information

Before your program begins, AIM will distribute online information packs that contain a site manual with everyday information as well as in-depth pre-departure health and safety information to help students and their parents make informed decisions concerning their preparations for study abroad.

We also send information on phone cards, renting cell phones, and included insurance as well as supplemental insurance options.


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