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High School Exchange Program

For U.S. High Schools

What does it consist of:

Spanish students go to a U.S. High School during the school year.  They attend regular classes for about 4 hours a day.  The rest of the time they have time with their Spanish teachers or time in the computer lab to catch up with school work and family.

They stay with a U.S. host family.  The son/daughter of the family will then have the opportunity to go to Spain and stay with his Spanish “brother/sister”.

Families are responsible for providing breakfast and dinners Monday through Friday and full room and board on weekends.


Trip to Madrid, Spain

U.S students go to Madrid and stay with the same families.  This is usually done in the summer months, but can be done during the school year as well.

Spanish families provide for full room and board for the U.S. students.

Students can be signed up to take Spanish Intensive Classes if the trip is done in the summer months.  During the school year they would attend regular classes.

Day trips and activities are organized for students Monday through Thursday.
(Visit to the Prado Museum, Royal Palace, day trips to Toledo, Segovia, Flamenco Show and classes)

Prices are very affordable but vary depending on number of students, activities and trips selected as well as number of accompanying teachers.

Programs are tailored made to fit the needs of the schools.

For more information please e-mail us at:





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