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AIM and International House Activities

AIM and Ih work together to offer a rich and varied calendar of activities, events, lectures, walking tours and film showings which bring the concepts that you are studying in class together with your personal travel
We offer students an opportunity to dig below the surface of culture, to really make the city and nation where your students are studying their home. Our AIM is for students to be informed participants in the diverse and vibrant culture of the city, and to be more than a tourist.
AIM usually incorporates cultural activities in all of its programs some of the most popular trips are all the ones listed on our ¨day trip section¨  in addition the most popular weekend trips are:
Barcelona, Andalucía (Sevilla, Granada and Cordoba), Galicia (Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña), Bilbao and Valencia.
AIMs staff can assist you with putting together trips for personal travel or as part of the program.  Many programs have a built in cultural fund to plan trips and activities once in country

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