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Program Development

AIM offers a broad range of program models and services at our Study Center in Madrid. You can choose from a large menu of logistical and academic support services, depending on your institution’s individual needs and budget. Programs can vary in length from three weeks to a full semester.

AIM’s partners include all types of colleges and universities, from those with extensive study abroad experience and infrastructure, to those with none who are considering study abroad for the first time. At no cost to your institution, AIM will evaluate your current study abroad program and review your objectives. We will then work with you to develop strategies to enable you to attain your education abroad goals.

Our AIM is to help you to design a custom program that fits your institution’s goals, and your students’ budgets. Typically we offer pricing based on ten or more students, in increments of 5-10 students. We are happy to revise the proposal as many times as needed until it meets your satisfaction and educational requirements.

It is helpful to have the following information available before we send you a program proposal:


  • Length of Program (specific dates appreciated)
  • Range of student participant numbers and number of faculty
  • Number of hours of classroom time needed (e.g. eight, three-hour blocks)
  • Accommodation and meal needs for both faculty and students
  • Ground transportation and airport pick-up needs
  • Ideal field trips and site visits related to course(s), including entrances to museums, theater tickets, business site visits, etc.
  • Local and long-distance excursions desired

AIM program models include faculty-led customized programs, AIM-led customized programs, and hybrid programs.

Faculty-Led Customized Programs

AIMs Resident Director has been hosting faculty-led programs since we she moved back to Madrid in 2001. At AIM we believe these programs can offer both the student and faculty members a powerful and unique experience abroad. We consider each faculty-led program to be unique, and to ensure this is the case, AIM program development consultants will help you consider the price, location, dates, length of stay, course-related activities as well as ways to enrich your program with local faculty, co-curricular activities and internships.
Once we complete our initial consultation, we will present you with a program proposal and budget outlining your particular program’s requirements.

AIM-Led Customized Programs

If your US faculty is not available to deliver you course content, AIM is happy to provide in-country professors. This model allows your students to have a classroom experience with local faculty while maintaining the integrity of your curriculum. While we prefer to use your syllabus, AIM can also provide you with a variety of suggested courses currently being taught on AIM’s independent study abroad programs.
Hybrid Programs

If you have a fully-customized faculty-led program but wish to offer additional courses, AIM’s adjunct faculty could deliver another course to supplement your academic program. For example, you could add Spanish language or a Spanish Life and Culture course in addition to the courses being offered by your faculty.
If you are interested in building a program, please contact us.

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